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The Metropolitan
Museum of Arts

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  • The Metropolitan Museum of Arts
  • Media Lab Fellow
  • MET Explorer
  • 2015

As fellow at the Metropolitan Museum Media Lab, I was very interested in projects that could enhance the museum experience for visitors. MET is one of the most visited museums in the world and spans a huge space where even staff with years of experience sometimes feel lost.

The goal of this project was to prototype a wayfinding app that would show visitors the fastest route from one gallery to another, avoiding stairs or crowds if required. The idea was to not just build a map, but a mobile application that would guide the visitor to their destination step-by-step.

How do we introduce the idea of wandering into wayfinding?

Given two points in the Museum, what's the shortest path that avoids stairs and/or low-lit rooms?

What if the user has thirty minutes and would like to be guided by a curator, taking the quickest route through the most popular galleries?
Research Approach
1-1 exploratory interviews with museum visitors, museum explorations with paper map and audio guide, Interviews with security and museum staff and User test with staff and visitors
“In a large, confusing space such as the Met, helping our visitors find their way around is always a priority for staff”
Don Undeen - MET Media Lab

Article published at the MET Digital Underground blog
The museum is socializing learnings with stakeholders with plans to start building the product