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CH4 - Thesis Project

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  • Wearables Designer / Research Student
  • CH4
  • 2015

The CH4 Project was created as a critique on the multitude of wearable devices and IoT that flooded the market in the past few years. My idea was to create a device that would go a little too far and see if people would really go for it.

I started a Kickstarter campaign to get this product to market:
I also made a website with more information about the product. Soon after, the project went viral and got press in high profile websites and tech blogs questioning the authenticity of the project and starting the discussion about my critique.

Which unusual body signals could I quantify?

How do I make a device that listens to those signals?

Would anyone be interested to buy such an unusual product? Would people really find value in it?
"I wanted to create a real product that will go a little too far, and see if people - and myself - would actually want to have it"
Rodrigo Narciso
Kickstarter Campaign:
30 days
73 backers
More than 40k views
"A Plea To Humanity: Do Not Back This Fart-Tracking Wearable"
Chris Mills - Gizmodo