by pablo doe

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  • KBS+ for BMW
  • UX Designer
  • Build Your Own car and Dealer's Mobile Website

  • 2014

I worked on two different projects for BMW USA as a UX Designer at KBS+ during the summer of 2014.The first project was for the new BMW website. I worked on a module called Build Your Own, designing a new feature that saves user custom configurations and makes them available to the BMW dealer directly. For the second project I worked on the new mobile website for their resellers. I started with the sitemap and then went on to work on the initial wireframes.

  • Project
  • Build Your Own Car
Every selection made will be recorded in the collective memory application to be accessed on desktop, mobile apps and tablets.
  • Project
  • Dealer's Mobile Website
Most popular activities on the mobile website: finding a dealer, getting a quote and scheduling a test drive.